Sofia is a digital nomad, remote work advocate and TEDx speaker who has always believed in going against the status quo and creating her own path.  

At the age of 17, she founded the award-nominee organisation GeniusRAP and started the world’s first official rap choir for girls with the ambition to put women in positions where they deserve to be. An international movement supported by Wu-Tang Clan and Timbuktu amongst others.

Today, she’s a traveling digital nomad with an underlying passion to elevate from the industrial age thinking and create a modern workspace that resonates with the future workforce. At the tech-startup Jobylon, she’s advising a few of Sweden's biggest companies on how to support their teams remotely.

Through her journey as a digital nomad, she is paving the way for the future of work and inspiring thousands of people to explore the location independent lifestyle. She’s also an international speaker and have been delivering speeches at the Swedish Government, Impact Hub and TEDxKTH.


A little sneak peak from one of my talks "Feel the fear and do it anyway"




Leaving the outdated industrial-age thinking and adapting to the digitalised workspace doesn’t come without obstacles. More and more companies are embracing a remote-friendly approach, whilst for others, this is already their new “normal”. 

Sofia chose to adapt to the location independent movement back in 2015 and have been working all the way from the mountain tops in Georgia to the night train through Kazakhstan since. She will share honest bits of her journey on how the digital nomad life has opened her eyes to the infinite opportunities of an autonomous workspace. As well as the harsh unavoidable truth that, this reality isn't for everyone. What are the most common challenges long-term remote workers today are facing and how can we tackle them in order to make working location independently work for ourselves in the long run?

Welcome to the brain of a digital nomad!



Sofia shares her journey on being a school dropout who always been questioning society's structures. At the age of 17, she decided to make a living on starting rap choirs for girls to shake things up in the music industry and founded the award nominee organisation GeniusRAP, supported by artists like Angel Haze, the hip-hip group Wu-Tang Clan and Timbuktu. 

Though her life story, she shares how having nothing became a solid ground to build the life that she dreamt of. How being street smart helped her hack the system and how you can re-design your life and create opportunities for yourself in order to live a life that truly fulfills you. 

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